Jammin M Radio JMR started with 3 experienced D J's Of one of the D J's is and announcer of softball, football and baseball.

The 3 of us all started at other radio stations. Learning our craft well.

Matt (Jammin M) is also a professional DJ for get together's, clubs and more!

Don not only being a DJ is an announcer for Baseball, softball, and football games.

Don produces, and records his own radio shows. Not just for us, but syndicates them to over 20 other stations. ( we hope he will do some live shows) Myself Dr. J am just a regular old internet radio DJ.

I like playing Novelty records Like (Dr. Demento). Both Don and I are Veterans of war, and support all other Veterans.

The goal here at Jammin M Radio is to do our best to giving you the best radio entertainment possible.

We are an Honest group of people doing our best for you!